All the moments have their traces. A smell of spring is different from the one of winter. I can smell a different earthy scent after the rain. Compare the color of early morning and color of night. Many qualities such as taste, sound, smell, touch, colors, and lights make each moment unique. Although these traces are sometimes too subtle to be noticed, they contain special meanings of the moment. Time vanishes into thin air, but these sensual traces remain somewhere in one’s mind. They are full of the evidence which evoke memories of the moment.

On the other hand, people tend to underestimate the minutiae of their lives. They do not really pay attention to their present circumstances, especially the mundane. They might overlook the fact that the mundane moments make up so much of their lives. It seems to be routine and boring: waking up, taking a shower, drinking a morning coffee, going to work, and sleeping. Yet each moment has its own beauty, meaning, and emotions that enrich our lives.

This work documents the most mundane parts of our lives. I stopped and observed someone’s daily life. Although we feel every day is exactly the same, the moments that have passed never come back. I tried to capture fleeting moments with drawing and turn drawing lines into tactile forms as an embroidery in order to embody the significance of the moment. Embroidery, laborious and time consuming, offers a language of reflection on the duality of time, repetitive and irreversible.